You and I have something in common; we are both in the process of becoming who we are. We are constantly growing and changing. And in this pursuit of becoming ourselves, there is normal ebb and flow to our happiness, our distress, our failures, and our successes. This is the natural state of things and becoming intimately connected with this process of becoming who you are is the key to your well-being. These are some of the beliefs that shape my practice.

You are uniquely you. There is no one else quite like you, and this world needs a variety of minds and hearts. What’s more is that despite your failings, you don’t have to experience yourself with the enormity of shame, doubt, and self-persecution that you are currently experiencing.  I have always held dear to Jon Kabat-Zinn’s assurance that, “as long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than wrong with you.”

But, you are probably looking for a counselor or an academic coach because you feel like something is wrong. Maybe you aren’t doing “good enough,” in school, or you feel like you can’t handle the endless train of stressors that confront you in your daily life. Maybe you have trouble finding meaningful connections with friends, family, or your romantic partner. I understand, because I sometimes feel this way, too. This is part of the human condition. Remember, you are constantly in the process of becoming who you are, and all these difficulties are twists and turns on that path towards yourself.

I will walk that path with you. We know that the strongest determinant in whether your counseling or coaching relationship will be successful is the therapeutic alliance that you have with your counselor or coach. Is that person truly present with you each session? Do they have genuine empathy and compassion for you? Do they have an authentic excitement for your personal growth and development? You need to be able to confidently answer these questions with a “yes,” before inviting a coach or a counselor to be a part of your life.

I use a blend of cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, insight-oriented, and solution-focused approaches in the counseling and coaching that I do. All too often, counselors and coaches take a “supportive therapy,” approach to their practice. In this method, counselors will only ask, “how was your day?” sorts of questions and be a kind and friendly person for an hour. We know that people leave supportive therapy sessions feeling liked and momentarily “better,” but this does not lead to positive, long-term growth and development. If you come to see me, expect that counseling or coaching will be challenging, encouraging, and empowering. Think of a personal trainer for your mind and heart. I will push you because you are worth it.

I invite you to schedule an appointment. I would like to meet you and we can decide together if I am the right person for your coaching and counseling needs!

-Dr. Jonathan Thomas-Stagg





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Clients at Evergreen Coaching and Counseling Services invest in their well-being in different ways. Some will use insurance and some will pay out-of-pocket. 

For psychological assessment, clients typically choose to pay out-of-pocket as insurance companies will dictate what kinds of tests are administered. Often, educational evaluations are not reimbursed by insurance companies, especially for the evaluation of learning disabilities, or when testing is done for the purposes of seeking testing accommodations.

Contact us today to find out if Evergreen accepts your insurance and to learn more about fees for counseling and psychological evaluation. 



For coaching services, there is a $150 initial consultation, which is a one-hour clinical interview with Dr. Thomas-Stagg where he learns about you and your professional goals, provides some initial consultation and strategies about achieving those goals, and makes recommendations about coaching plans that will guide you towards success.


If you choose to continue in coaching, it is a $120 monthly tuition to meet with a coach. This includes a 45-minute session each week with a trained coach at Evergreen offices, online, or at another mutually convenient location. This flexibility often helps University students fit coaching into their already busy lives.


Students at the University of Illinois can utilize their student health insurance to help pay for clinical services with Dr. Thomas-Stagg.


There is a small deductible, after which student health insurance pays a large percentage of the cost of services. Information about student health insurance is found here:


Student health insurance will not pay for the tuition-based services described to the left.





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